About Credentials Matters

A partnership between ExcelinEd and Burning Glass Technologies

A compelling partnership

Rapid changes in technology and automation are changing America's workplace and the skills required for successful careers. The need for an education system that is agile and responsive to changing workforce has never been so acute. Industry-valued credentials are a tool that policymakers, educators, employers and students can leverage to ensure our future workforce develops the knowledge and skills required for 21st-century careers.

Credentials Matters combines ExcelinEd's policy expertise in college and career pathways with Burning Glass Technologies' compelling labor market analytics to provide new insights into the alignment between the credentials students earn and their demand in the workforce.

This partnership is uniquely positioned to support states in creating and implementing policies and system changes that result in high-quality, workforce-aligned career pathways and lead students to high-skill, high-wage, in-demand careers.

Launched by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush in 2008, the Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd) supports state leaders in transforming education to unlock lifelong opportunity and success for each and every child.

From policy development to implementation, ExcelinEd brings deep expertise and experience to customize education solutions for each state's unique needs. Focused on educational quality, innovation and opportunity, ExcelinEd's agenda is increasing student learning, advancing equity and readying graduates for college and career.

Burning Glass Technologies delivers job market analytics that empower employers, workers and educators to make data-driven decisions. The company's artificial intelligence technology analyzes hundreds of millions of job postings and real-life career transitions to provide insight into workforce demand patterns. This real-time strategic intelligence offers crucial insights, such as which jobs are most in demand, the specific skills employers need and the career directions that offer the highest potential for workers. For more information, visit burning-glass.com.

Credentials Matter was made possible by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York. The statements made and views expressed are solely the responsibility of the author.